Services offered at Costapa Podiatry

  • Biomechanics

    Foot Biomechanics– The Foot is  a complex mechanical joint that provides the connection between the ground and our body during standing and walking. The way our foot connects with the ground during these activities is referred to as biomechanical analysis.

  • Restricted Joints

    Foot Mobilisation is a gentle, hands-on approach that corrects misaligned joints in your feet, so as to stimulate the body’s inherent desire to repair & restore itself.

  • Gait Analysis

    Gait abnormalities occur in all manner of individuals but several key areas such as static and dynamic assessment are key in the understanding of the functional ability of the foot and lower limb.

  • Systemic Diseases

    Systemic diseases such as arthritis & Diabetes  can affect the foot, it is necessary that a podiatrists monitor your feet for any degenerative changes.

  • Paediatrics

    Compromised posture, pain or unusual walking patterns are other reasons why they will consult the podiatrist. Often only reassurance and postural exercise is required but sometimes specialized orthoses or other forms of treatment are indicated.

  • Foot Health

    Routine Podiatry can cause much discomfort to many patients during their lifetime. In Line with systemic diseases such as Diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis, it is important to monitor your feet, and seek treatment when needed.